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Bass fishing tips and techniques for the summer

Like the air, water heats up too in summer and rises to the surface with the cool waters below. Bass seek the cool areas and that would be deep down rather than on the surface. The banks would hold warmer water as compared to the deeper and cooler center of the water body. Further, the bass is looking out for cover from vegetation and rocks. Now that you have some idea of the where abouts of bass in summer, choose between the life and the attractive and convenient synthetic baits. Don’t forget that other methods traditionally exist like nets and traps that can succeed too.

Make it a productive summer!

The spring approach will no longer do and fish concentrations in shallow water seem to have suddenly disappeared. Use the costly fish locating electronics and the fancy bass rods that cost in three digits. Develop concentration, watch feelings and be prepared with super fast reflexes. The plan is to catch big bass while many succeed in catching several of the smaller ones. Small bass would be found in the warmer waters, unlike the larger ones preferring cool surroundings.

Seasons being different and each angler with a different approach, perhaps past experiences with bait and locations show the way except for the novice. Try with the bait amidst thick grass where the bass has the opportunity to remain cool and trap prey easily. Casting the bait far would come easily with the wind at the back. The bait would cause a stir in the grass and the commotion would attract the bass. Avoid heavy bait that will sink and choose light bait that will remain amidst the grass. Zoom – the Super Fluke and Nextgen deserve a pat for manufacturing those effective flukes.

In search of flooded river channels

Older ponds and lakes with the cooler water offer the best chances in warmer weather. Amidst flowing water, the oxygen content is greater too. Electronics to measure the deepness and survey maps would help locate the right depths. At 50 or 75 feet, live bait along with ballooning seems an appropriate strategy for the bigger bass. Get ready to reach large and concentrated bass numbers.

The jerkbait approach

Creek channels and transition points are good for the summer bass fishing. Bass usually hang out at the thermocline or the border separating the sun-warmed water and the cool water layer below. Two sections of water at the meeting points offer good chances or a narrowing channel. A Deeper PRO+ works well to understand the bass and other objects like grass and rocks at the 10 to 15-foot depth. According to the water appearance, the right bait color and shade would be selected. Rapala X-Rap 4 ¾ could be an excellent choice! Clearwater would call for lightly colored bait while cloudy water calls for dark or luminous bait. Rather than the jerk baits that float, summer requires the ones that sink slowly and that would attract the attention of the bass.

A final word refers to safety considerations with the water presenting a world of risks and particularly for the beginner. Watch out.