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Is a Dual Purpose Battery Good For Small Fishing Boats?

Choosing a suitable boat battery may appear a mighty task for a novice. Getting a basic idea of boat battery types and their functions would help along with suggestions online and from dealers in selecting the right battery.

The function of a dual purpose marine battery is both the starting or cranking of the engine and providing the deep cycle power. AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries contain liquid to lubricate the mat and no leakage happens. Such a battery is very strong and manages charges and discharges all day long.

The Variety of Boat Batteries

The cranking battery that starts the engine requires a short supply of intense power and needs a larger lead surface top boat battery

The deep cycle boat battery provides continuous power to the trolling motor or other equipment like radios for longer durations. Recharging may take place when the day’s work is done. The lead plates are thicker than cranking batteries. In terms of reserve capacity or RC, the deep cycle battery would be twice or thrice the cranking battery.

While the cranking and the deep cycle batteries are best kept separate, dual-purpose batteries would suffice on a small boat and it executes both the starting and deep cycle functions together.

As compared to Wet-Cell Boat Batteries and AGM Boat Batteries, Gel Boat Batteries present the greatest advantages.

Consider Dual Purpose AGM Marine Batteries

Physically, the battery must fit in the compartment and the weight must be compatible. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps refers to the amps that will crank the engine and is related to the size of the engine. Reserve Capacity indicates the time the battery will provide power before falling below the minimum level. Sealed AGMs are the most common dual purpose batteries that can cope with the power requirements.  Dual Purpose AGM batteries will require regular charging and make sure that an appropriate charger is available.

Compare two leading dual purpose batteries

Odyssey 31M Trolling Thunder

A battery that thoroughly deserves to be first on the list! Though they are costly, the Odyssey Extreme Series are superb batteries in terms of specifications and warranties. Check depth detail and reviews of odyssey trolling motor battery on,With a weight of 77.8 lbs in group 31, reserve time runs to 205 minutes and that is absolutely sufficient to power a fishing boat all day long with all the equipment like fish finders. CCA is 1150 Amp and the capacity is 100 Amp hours.AGM battery

Optima Blue top D31M

Certainly outstanding, this is an AGM battery that is immensely popular too and extremely high performing in terms of run time and recharges. The ability to take recharges places it above the competition that assures of a longer lifespan and a better run time. These batteries are very tough and resist vibrations during boating trips, ensuring safety and longer performance. They can be stored for long but need to be charged occasionally. With a capacity of 75 Amp hours and a reserve time of 155 minutes, be assured of salient quality. CCA is 900 amp, group 31 and 59.8 pounds weight. Happy and safe fishing!